Terminal Studios is a group of freelance game writers with a global presence We love games, we love writing, and we do both exceptionally well.

With more than a combined 50 years of gaming experience, the writers at Terminal Studios pride themselves on their creativity, professionalism, and timely ability to complete assignments.

Our crack staff presently includes …

Kurtis Evans
B.S. Communications, B.A. Literature & Creative Writing, B.Ed; Kurtis has been writing with deadlines for more than half a decade, and has been recognized for his writing abilities by Chicago Life, the Chicago Tribune, and ESPN.
Joseph Hooker
D.D.; Dr. Joseph Hooker is a manic ball of creative energy. He directs a core group of playtesters who work to ensure that your game is tested, tried, and true.
Kevin Golding
The geek amongst geeks, Kevin is the wild-eyed lunatic responsible for the technical side of terminal Studios.